A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You are a kid who loves video games. To be exact, in this game you control the kid who's playing a video game. You can't stop moving your own body while controlling the gamepad. You sat in front of the TV and tried to play a game, but the TV broke down, and you can't see anything on the screen. So you have no choice but to dream you're playing in your mind. You explore rooms and find keys to go upstairs. (A flight of stairs will appear when you find the key.) You aim to reach as high a floor as you can. If you encounter an enemy in your mind you should avoid it. If you touch it without health (red block), it appears from the screen of the TV and heads towards you. You can block those with the gamepad in the real world, but be careful not to fall into a hole in your dream. If those reach your face, you wake up from your dream and the game is over.

|How to Play|

・A, S, D, W keys : move the character in your mind and the gamepad in the real world

・K key : jump (to get keys and health blocks)

・J key : hold to fall asleep (to start the game)

・R key : Restart the game

・esc key : quit the game


ImaginaryDungeon_Mac.zip 21 MB
ImaginaryDungeon_Windows.zip 14 MB

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